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Hello and welcome to each and every visitor  to  BanCard  Services Trust’s site

~ Tony Hoffman, Founder, Managing Trustee, and Owner here. In continuous operation since 1988, BanCard Services Trust has been able to assist more than 2,500 small and mid-sized businesses in virtually every industry and vertical, including hard to place “High Risk” merchant types with leading edge best-in-class, advance payments information, counsel, expertise and Merchant Services placement, S M B Business Funding and Business Banking referrals.
With literally dozens and scores of brand new payment schema and payment business models being introduced in the industry virtually daily, as hard as I’ve try, I can no longer keep up with every bleeding- edged form of money payment model. This has caused me to realize that regrettably, I can no longer give my clients the very best, most advanced advice and expert counsel on their critically important respective payment needs.
So,  after a great  31 year run, its time to sunset B C S T and devote all of my efforts to helping America’s  true  heroes, our  W W 2 , Korea  and  Viet  Nam  War  Vets  to  apply  for  and receive the Veterans’ Administration’s very little – known Aid & Attendance Pension benefit. I’ve been doing this as a volunteer with a small charity, the American Veterans’ Benefits Alliance beginning in 2015.

Since 1988, BCST has been lucky enough to have the exceptional,

Industry Logical ”  
Toll Free Number ~

and since BCST is being sunset, of course will not need this notable, industry significant number any longer. So I wish to award this number to some deserving, Bank, Credit Union, ISO, MSP, Processor, Gateway Provider, Equipment Manufacturer, Payments Consultancy, this one-of-a-kind, unique Vanity Toll Free Number which is surely one of the most, if not the most preeminent, most desirable of such Vanity Numbers that could ever be obtained in the entire Payments Industry.